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Solenoid valve is the electromagnetic control of industrial equipment, is used to control the flow of the basic components of automation, belongs to the actuator. Different circuits can be used to achieve the desired control, and the control precision and flexibility can be guaranteed. There are many kinds of solenoid valves, different solenoid valves in the control system at different positions to play a role, the most commonly used is one-way valve, safety valve, direction control valve, speed control valve.


The cylinder is a cylindrical metal mechanism that guides the piston to carry out linear reciprocating motion. Pneumatic actuator that converts the pressure energy of a compressed gas into mechanical energy. The cylinder has two types of reciprocating linear motion and reciprocating oscillation. The cylinder of reciprocating linear motion can be divided into single acting cylinder, double acting cylinder, diaphragm type cylinder and impact cylinder.

Gas Source Parts

In the pneumatic transmission system, the air source treatment refers to the air filter, pressure reducing valve and oil mist. The air source for entering the pneumatic instrument is purified, filtered and depressurized to the rated air source pressure supplied by the instrument, which is equivalent to the function of the power transformer in the circuit. The three components are the indispensable air source devices in most pneumatic systems. They are installed near the air equipment and are the final guarantee of the compressed air quality.

Auxiliary Components

Auxiliary components are used for the connection and auxiliary role of cylinder, solenoid valve, air source parts.

Hydraulic Components

Hydraulic components and hydraulic equipment above the automation of the basic components. It is a component that converts the liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy to obtain the required linear reciprocating motion or rotary motion.

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